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Your Journey Starts Here

What Will You Learn?

The Level 1 Surf Course is intended for people with little to no experience with surfing. It was created to provide theoretical and practical insights about the first steps and valuable safety information. Everything you need to know to have a first enjoyable ride on the beautiful waves of Caparica. This are the classes you need to attend to achieve the perfect take-off!

Education And Fun

We are aware that some people only want to have their first surf experience and just want to have the good old fun. Even though we give important know-how about surfing and grant practical advices to catch the first waves, we want our surfers to enjoy an awesome ride in Gota D’Água. That’s why after surf we have fun activities that you are free to join, because after all as soon as your feet land in Portuguese ground, you belong to the Gota D’Água Family.

What Will You Learn?

  • Surf History;
  • Essentials about surf equipment;
  • Safety instructions;
  • Waves formation;
  • Briefing about Caparica’s geography: waves and beaches;
  • Body positioning on the board;
  • Paddle, handle, and sit on the board;
  • Passing the breaking zone;

  • Managing white water;
  • Priority rules;
  • Initiation to take-off techniques (standing on the board);
  • Take-off timing;
  • Line-up positioning;
  • Surfing waves before they break;
  • Surfing green waves in safety.

What's included?

  • Accommodation;
  • Healthy breakfasts;
  • Surf equipment – FREE USE:
    • Daily Surfboard;
    • Daily WetSuit;
  • Surf Lessons – (theory and practice);

  • Yoga Lessons (depending on the package);
  • Barbecue (weekly package only);
  • Free tea and coffee all day at the camp;
  • Free access to chill-out lounge;
  • Wifi;
  • Towel, lockers and room cleaning.


I have never surfed before, can I join this course?

Yes, this course is made for people with little to no experience. You will learn to get confident with the surfboard in the water and catch your first waves!

I have already attended this or other courses before, can I join this one anyway?

Yes, is always a good idea to refresh your skill. We are more than happy to help you feel confident during this experience even if you had attended another course, or surfed before.

I don’t have my equipment with me, can I join the course anyway?

Yes, we have all the equipment necessary to surf at the given location. Surfboards, wetsuits, wax, etc.

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