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Your Journey Starts Here

What Will You Learn?

The Level 1 Kite Course is intended for people with little to no experience with kitesurfing. It was created to provide theoretical and practical insights about the first steps and valuable safety information. Everything you need to know to have a first enjoyable ride on the wind of Caparica. This are the classes you need to attend to ride the first meters!

Education And Fun

We are aware some people only want to have their first kitesurf experience and just want to have some good old fun. Even thou we give important know-how about kitesurfing and grant practical advice for you to discover the incredible feeling of kite flying, we want our kitesurfers to enjoy an awesome ride in Gota D’Água. That’s why after surf we have fun activities that you are free to join, because after all as soon as your feet land in Portuguese ground, you belong to the Gota D’Água Family.

What Will You Learn?

  • S.E.A. (Spot, Environment, Activity) Assessment;
  • Holding, Carrying and Securing a Kite on Land;
  • Kite Set Up;
  • Safety Systems Use;
  • Pre-Flight Check;
  • Launching and Landing as an Assistant;
  • First piloting and explore the Wind Window’s Edge;
  • Let Go of the Bar;
  • Twist and Untwist the Lines;
  • Flying One-Handed;
  • Trim Discovery;
  • Walking While Flying the Kite;
  • Launching and Landing as a Pilot;
  • Wind Window Theory;
  • In flight Quick Release Activation;

  • Self-Landing;
  • Equipment Packing;
  • Enter and Exit the Water While Controlling the Kite;
  • Water Relaunch;
  • Side Body-drag with 2 Hands;
  • Body-drag with Power Stroke on Both Sides;
  • Body-drag Upwind;
  • Body-drag with the Board;
  • Self-Rescue and Pack Down Discovery;
  • R.O.W. Rules Introduction;
  • Steady-pull;
  • Water-start;
  • Controlled Stop;
  • Control of Riding Speed by Edging;

What's included?

  • Accommodation;
  • Healthy breakfasts;
  • Kitesurf equipment (during the lessons):
    • Kite, board, suit, vest, harness and helmet;

  • If the wind fails, you will have surf or SUP lessons instead (lessons and needed gear is included in the package);
  • Kite Lessons – (theory and practice);
  • Yoga Lessons;


It’s my first time kitesurfing, can I join this course?

Yes, this course is made for first-time kiters with little or no experience. No matter if you have never kited before, or you haven’t been kiting for a while, this course will provide all you need to discover how easy is to ride the wind and live this experience at it’s best.

Can I join this course if I have attended this or other kite courses before?

Yes, is always a good idea to refresh your skills. We are more than happy to help you feel confident during this experience even if you had attended another course, or kited before.

I don’t have my equipment with me, can I join the course anyway?

Yes, we have all the equipment necessary to kite at the given location.

What goals should I achieve after 12 hours of kite lessons?

Achievements are subjective for each person, the course provides you theoretical knowledge and safety rules in order to allow you to kite on your own. As we pointed out, achievements are a very subjective thing, they also depends on one’s starting point. Some will be able to ride their first meters, others will be able to run their first maneuvers, change direction or ride upwind.

Can I use the kite gear when there are no lessons?

No, kite gear is only included during the lessons. Anyway, once you are done with your lessons you can rent a gear to keep practicing, but remember that your instructor has to approve it before. If you are not independent yet enough to practice by yourself, you can buy extra private lessons to improve your skills.

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